We are the go-to army surplus store for military gear and clothing in the Columbus, Ohio area and online. Since , we have been family owned and operated with a passion for supplying the best in military gear for those who believe that life is an adventure.

Army insignia and white name tape. Designed in USSR for seamen everyd Shirts were produced with matching trousers. They are perfect for unpredictable weather and action-packed days.

Our great selection of cruise jackets includes coats for the US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Navy, US Coast Guard and Veterans jackets. We have everything from the Army Strong jacket to the Air Force New Logo jacket to the extremely popular Vietnam Veteran jacket.
Russian uniforms, Soviet and other military jackets, trousers and suits from Army, Navy Fleet and Air Force Soldiers, Marines, Officers, Colonels, Generals and Admirals. Best prices on the web for top quality clothing for reenactment, collectors, etc, also new Russian Army uniforms.
Rothco's collection of military and tactical clothing. Rothco's line of military apparel includes BDU's, fatigue pants and fatigue shirts, combat shirts, uniform shirts and more. Since Rothco had been providing the finest service to the wholesale military,tactical and outdoor market.
M65 Field Jackets The M Field Jacket is the perfect choice for protection, warmth and functionality in various inclement weather conditions. Steeped in military history, this classic jacket was first introduced in and worn by our U.S. troops for decades.
The A-2 Flight Jacket was made famous by U.S. Army airmen who wore them as a testament to their bravery, independence and skill. Service tested in , the A2 jacket was adopted as the regulation Army Air Corps flying jacket on May 9,
Army Combat Uniform

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Military Jackets. I don’t know when my passion for military jackets started. But I do know they are pieces I truly love. Maybe due to its irreverent and authority. My friends use to say I can’t see a military jacket without buying it. It’s not actually true but I admit it’s hard to resist, mainly when they’re embroidered. Plus, a few years ago it was really hard to find military jackets.

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Shop great deals on Military Jackets, Army Jackets, Field Jackets & Flight Jackets at The Sportsman's Guide. We have a full selection of quality Camo Jackets, Bomber Jackets, Military Trench Coats, Pea Coats & Dress Jackets, Rain Gear and Ponchos and so . Army Navy Sales offers genuine-issue military apparel from all major branches of the US Armed Forces, as well as camping and hiking gear, workwear, and military . Military Jacket American Rag, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren offer comfortable military jackets that complement different outfits. A polyester and machine-washable military jacket is a fashion statement worth investing in.