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The compression fabric absorbs moisture from your skin and is designed to enhance circulation and reduce fatigue, helping you pound out that fifth mile like it's the first. Every place you go follows an unspoken dress code so does the gym. Feetures Originals No-Show Socks Reward your miles-weary feet with these breathable, cushioned running socks that won't overheat or add too much bulk. Champion athletic apparel is perfect for your active lifestyle.

Our Best Winter Running Clothes and Gear Not with this winter workout gear. We've picked out winter running clothes and gear that have your comfort, safety and style in mind.
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Yoga Clothes & Workout Apparel Not every workout is the same, so we believe your clothes shouldn't be either. When you're sweating and stretching in the studio, what you have on your body is the last thing you want to worry about.
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HOOk & Loop Training Gloves

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The compression fabric absorbs moisture from your skin and is designed to enhance circulation and reduce fatigue, helping you pound out that fifth mile like it's the first. This top is made from moisture-wicking fabric so you'll be warm without feeling suffocated. Perfect as a base layer on chilly morning runs. These lightweight pants generate heat by absorbing sweat as you run, so you can focus on your workout rather than on the fact that you can barely feel your toes.

Made from insulating material and with reflective ankle zips that accommodate your running shoes, these pants are a runner's dream. However, the super-soft fabric alone will make you want to wear these pants — even when you're not working out.

When Mother Nature decides to add a little challenge to your outdoor run — say, a torrential downpour, or mile-an-hour winds — these water- and windproof pants will make it impossible for you to avoid working out. Forget puffy vests that make you look like you're wearing a sleeping bag.

If it's too cold for your base layer but not cold enough to wear a jacket, keep your core warn with this lightweight thermal vest.

When it gets even colder, the vest can be zipped into the Wanganui Softshell Jacket for added layers. A runner dedicated enough to run rain or shine should be rewarded with a medal, in our opinion. But as a consolation prize, how about a jacket that'll get you through the workout intact? This jacket protects you from the wind, rain, sleet, and hail.

You can trust this bra to give you the support you need when you're pounding the pavement. Forget constantly adjusting straps — with a crisscross strap system, the fabric is great for absorbing moisture so you stay dry without the chafing. Reward your miles-weary feet with these breathable, cushioned running socks that won't overheat or add too much bulk.

The form-fitting shape also eliminates movement, preventing blisters from forming — a definite plus for those who've been inconvenienced by those tiny yet mighty injuries before. For the days that are a little more hardcore think sleet and snow , a simple hat just won't do. This contoured cap fits over your head and face comfortably to keep you warm on even the worst days.

We can't say it won't give you hat-hair afterward or have you looking like a ninja during , but at least you won't be freezing on your run.

Protect your hands from the elements with these breathable gloves that convert to windproof mitts when the temperature really drops.

But trust that they won't turn your hands into clumsy paws: These lightweight gloves will keep your hands warm and dry with Vapor-Dry fabric. Plus, there's a wiping surface built in for you to mop sweat off your face — an added bonus. Skip to main content. Shop All Long Sleeve Tops. WIN a prize a day! Clothing that is a little more fitted will also give you a more aesthetic appeal. Show off those new years resolutions a little bit. Take pride in the fact that you have put in the hours, work, and sweat.

It could be really annoying to others if your perfume is strong. Not to mention that you are wasting good cologne as you will have to hit the shower after your workout anyway. Fragrances tend to linger and carry in closed environments, such as your local gym. Your perfume-marinated sweat is most likely inducing headaches around the gym.

It is inconsiderate, especially to women who have a stronger and more sensitive sense of smell. The footwear you choose for a workout should provide proper support and protection to your feet. Wearing appropriate footwear actually reduces your risk of injury and improves your physical performance.

The only time you should be wearing flip flops or sandals at the gym is after your workout. In the locker room. Wearing proper shoes gives you traction and prevents you from slipping.

Choose shoes that provide the support you need for the workout of your choice. Make sure they fit you properly. Removing your shoes and working out in your socks is also inexcusable. You will end up with blisters and possibly causing unnecessary discomfort to the other patrons at the gym.

Be considerate to the gym staff and avoid wearing working out in the same shoes you wear outdoors. Wearing rings while lifting heavy weights can result in scratches on the ring, distortion of its shape and discomfort for your fingers.

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