Gray Forest-Dweller is a deer introduced in the IDW Publishing comic My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue# She was added in the Update ,and introduced in the Crispins and Clover Limited-Time Story. She costs and is one of the helpers for the event's

A filly who looks like Derpy in The Cutie Pox. However, due to the Flores's lies, Megan and ponies defeated them and shuts the Crabnasties in a stone prison away from Paradise Estates. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. He is seen by various fans as the pony equivalent of Satan [8] and on a Cracked. They are composed of animals bearing the same brushable hair and cutie marks as the ponies, such as a giraffe, lion, camel, kangaroo, llama and other animals.

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DISCLAIMER: This website is for informational purposes only and is intended to assist the Pony Collecting Community. Some images on this site are property of .

Her band is disqualified when the Rainbooms reappear and defeat the Dazzlings. Despite being freed from the spell, Trixie still swears revenge for her defeat, while interrupting Twilight and Flash's romantic moment, and exits the stage after throwing a smoke bomb, falling off the stands during her getaway.

In The Cutie Mark Chronicles, she appears in Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's flashbacks of flight camp, standing on a cloud in the sidelines before the race starts, even though she is not a pegasus.

However, as proved in Sonic Rainboom, there is a spell that enables non-pegasus ponies to walk on clouds, making the circumstances around Twinkleshine's station in Cutie Mark Chronicles much more plausible. Her design in the animation resembles the G1 pony Moondancer. However her playful pony release gave her a different look, making her resemble the G2 pony Princess Twinkle Star.

Twinkleshine's description in the toys says she wants to be a Movie Star. Alicorn ponies with a pair of wings and a horn are rare in the franchise.

They usually have the abilities of all three other kinds, the Earth, Unicorn and Pegasus ponies. They have appeared in the toy line since Generation Four, and may have been the spiritual successors to the Princess Ponies of Generation One. Dazzleglow made an appearance in My Little Pony Tales , but her toy form, a unicorn released before Tales as a part of the Glow 'n Show Ponies lineup, is unrelated to that of Tales.

All four of the G4 Alicorn princesses are portrayed as being taller and more slender than most ponies, with unique horns and wings.

The Princess' name was inspired by that of the daughter of a Hasbro Studios executive, "Cadince". Unlike other unicorn ponies, Twilight can perform a wide variety of magic, including teleportation , force fields , and telekinesis.

She represents the Element of Magic, which takes the form of a tiara. She has an older brother named Shining Armor, the captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard, who marries her former babysitter Princess Cadance. In " Magical Mystery Cure ", Twilight accidentally activates an unfinished spell created by historic figure Star Swirl the Bearded, causing her friends' Cutie Marks to be swapped and altering their destiny.

After correcting her mistake, Twilight is able to complete the spell, creating new magic in the process. Fulfilling her destiny predicted by Princess Celestia, Twilight is then transformed into a winged unicorn , referred to as an "alicorn" in the series, and ascends to become a Princess of Equestria alongside Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Cadance.

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The World's Biggest Tea Party Twilight Sparkle, Teacher for a Day Gameloft video game. IDW comics Issues Collectible card game. Discography Overall history of the franchise. Equestria Girls a spin-off franchise. Miniseries Summertime Shorts songs. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 16 October , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. My Little Pony TV series. Baby Bouncy is one of the first tooth ponies, in charge of taking care of the twins Baby Snookums and Sniffles, and Baby Milkweed and Tumbleweed.

She, along with the other baby ponies, has one tooth, and was involved in a feud against Fudgey McSwain and Rocky Ripple.

Bow Hothoof is Rainbow Dash's father whom Scootaloo first meets when she enters Cloudsdale by a giant slingshot force. Three blue flowers with pink centers Generation 3, as an Earth pony Pink flower Generation 4, as a Pegasus. Blossomforth is a Pegasus Pony, who debuted in Generation 3 as an Earth pony. She was released in alongside the Dance Jamboree set, presumed to be one of Twinkle Twirl's students in the Dancing in the Clouds short. Her Generation 4 counterpart, a Pegasus Pony, was released in the Generation 4 toyline and subsequently debuted in the second season of My Little Pony: My Little Pony Tales.

Brightglow is one the Glow 'N Show Ponies. They repair the damage to the balloon and send Patch and Bon Bon on their way but not before Brightglow warns Patch to use caution on her adventures. Bulk Biceps is a pony whose wings are too small to fly but simply controlled by his muscles.

His hooves also match the color of his mane and tail. His catchphrase is shouting "YEAH". His first appearance is in the episode "Hurricane Fluttershy" where he helps create a tornado to gather water for Cloudsdale.

He appears as a wonderbolt cadet in the episode "Wonderbolts Academy". H has a major speaking role in the episode "On Your Marks". Cloudchaser is a Pegasus Pony from Cloudsdale and is Flitter's older twin sister.

She first appeared in "Hurricane Fluttershy". She also appears as a cadet at the Wonderbolts Academy. My Little Pony G3 specials [ clarification needed ]. She likes to soar higher into the sky and can also jump over a rainbow. She is also very skilled in flying. She is very brave and is much more determined than the other Pegasus Ponies.

Cozy Glow was initially a supporting character in the beginning of season 8 and now the main antagonist in its finale. She was first met by the Cutie Mark Crusaders who helped her finish her homework easily. She is a Pegasus Pony who injured her wing due to a crash landing in the jungle. She is possibly based on Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. Like Rainbow Dash, Daring-Do is adventurous. Her quest is to recover the Sapphire Statue. After retrieving the statue she is captured by Ahuizotl and was put in a chamber with closing walls and spikes, spiders, snakes, and flooding sand.

She uses her hat to bounce off the walls and hit the lever mechanism to get out. She steals back the Sapphire Statue from Ahuizotl and escapes the island.

She sometimes carries her whip in the books. Derpy is a bluish-gray pegasus with a blond mane who became famous among the show's internet following due to having a googly-eyed expression in the first episode. Unnamed at the time, the fans nicknamed her "Derpy" after the common term for her expression, "derp". Starting with " Feeling Pinkie Keen ", the show's crew began giving the pony crossed eyes intentionally to give her the "derp" expression, as a nod to the fans.

Beginning in Season 2, the crew internally adopted the name "Derpy" and began specifically placing her in scenes, rather than having her remain an arbitrary background pony, as a "Where's Waldo"-type challenge for the fans. She received a spoken appearance in the episode " The Last Roundup ", with Rainbow Dash referring to her by her fan-given name. In her current appearance, Derpy is a clumsy, cheerful, goofball; always willing to help, usually getting in the way, and generally terrifically accident prone.

She causes some damage to property due to her clumsiness. Rescue From Midnight Castle. Firefly is a daredevil and one of the main characters of Rescue From Midnight Castle. She loves to race across the sky, moving gracefully from cloud to cloud, she dances on her graceful hooves and sails on the wind. She often chases the rain and searches among the clouds for the pony's special friend, the rainbow.

Lauren Faust stated that her personality is the basis for the Friendship is Magic incarnation of Rainbow Dash. He was shown to be kind, gentle, and benevolent. He first appeared as a new member of the guards, and introduces Twilight Sparkle addressing her as "princess" to the rest of the princesses, for Twilight's first princess summit, after she bumps into him. Like several ponies in Equestria, when Twilight Sparkle entered through the magic mirror and transformed to a human, she met his human counterpart when she bumps into him which is the running gag of the movie.

Throughout the movie, Flash helped Twilight get her crown when his ex-girlfriend, Sunset Shimmer stole it for the Princess of the Fall Formal prize. At his human counterpart, it shown that Flash is a rocker in a band. It also revealed that he has a crush on Twilight Sparkle as both human and pony counterpart. His human counterpart made another appearance in "Rainbow Rocks" when he first asks Twilight's human friends, the Rainbooms, if Twilight will return for the showcase and becomes saddened when Applejack says she won't return anytime soon.

He, like most of the school, becomes hypnotized by the Dazzlings spell and becomes over-competivie when the showcase becomes a competition and yells at Twilight and claims they aren't friends. Flash and his band are shown to beat two other bands in the competition making it to the semi-finals, until they are eliminated by the Dazzlings themselves.

After the Rainbooms beat the Dazzlings in the finals and their spell is broken, Flash returns to his old self, and pulls Twilight into a hug. Fleetfoot is one of the members of the Wonderbolts. She won the Wonderbolts race in the episode called "Sweet and Elite". Three blue and white dragonflies the number sometimes changes. Flitter is a Pegasus Pony from Cloudsdale, and also Cloudchaser's younger twin sister.

She first appeared alongside her twin in "Hurricane Fluttershy"; and she is one of the Pegasi who help make the hurricane. Fluttershy is a shy pegasus pony with a yellow body, dark cyan-green eyes and a medium pink mane and tail, with a high-pitched, squeaky voice who was originally an Earth pony.

She was first released in as part of the Rainbow Celebration Ponies. In the G3 series, she loves to take pictures of her friends and have fun and is fond of window shopping at all the sweet boutiques in Ponyville. In Friendship is Magic , she receives a design change, making her into a Pegasus Pony. She is sweet and good-natured, but is timid and shy around others, though she is big-hearted enough to stand up for other ponies when they are in trouble.

Fluttershy has a great love and care for animals and is willing to help them at any cost. She fell from the sky when Rainbow Dash challenged her bullies to a race, and she came to know of the animals living on the ground, thus marking her beginning as the animal caretaker.

She lives in a cottage near the Everfree forest instead of in the clouds with the other pegasi, due to her fear of heights. She has an ability known as "The Stare," which assists her in disciplining misbehaving animals. In 'Suited for Success', Fluttershy was shown to be knowledgeable on certain stitching techniques when Rarity makes her gala dress.

According to the Cutie Mark Chronicles, she was saved by a group of butterflies after falling from Cloudsdale. Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom scared the animals Fluttershy befriended and after consoling them, she earned her cutie mark. Fluttershy's elemental spirit is Kindness. Happyglow is one of the Glow 'N Show Ponies. For Heart Throb, everyday is Valentine's Day.

She makes heart shaped presents for everyone and spreads joyous messages of love and happiness to all who live on the far side of the rainbow. Honolu-Loo speaks with a Hawaiian accent and she is usually clumsy when it comes to flying. She glides gracefully through the air, wondering what lies just beyond the horizon. Lightning Dust is introduced in the Friendship is Magic episode "Wonderbolts Academy" as one of many pegasi at the Wonderbolts' training camp.

While she forges a friendly relationship with Rainbow Dash due to their love of speed, Lightning Dust is shown to be a reckless flyer with no concern for the safety of others. This eventually leads to a conflict with Rainbow Dash and gets her stripped of her position as lead pony.

Locket likes to fly very fast and alongside Twilight Pegasus , they both venture into the Cloud Castle. An explorer pony, Lofty loves exploring the mountains and she can fly higher than any other pony in Ponyland. Her daughter is Baby Lofty, who is clumsy and dreams of mastering flight. She is a master of disguise, and also very brave and seems intuitive about dangerous situations.

Medley is a Pegasus Pony who accompanies Firefly. Unlike Firefly, Medley is calmer than her counterpart.

Night Glider is a pegasus pony with a navy blue body, sky blue eyes and a light blue mane and tail with a lighter streak. North Star is an explorer Pegasus Pony with a strong British accent. She has a good sense of direction, though she can be easily frazzled. She has a daughter named Baby North Star, who is one of the first tooth ponies, in charge of taking care of the twins Baby Snookums and Sniffles and Baby Milkweed and Tumbleweed. Like the other baby ponies, she has one tooth and was involved in a feud against Fudgey McSwain and Rocky Ripple.

Paradise is a lover of legends and lore and a storyteller for the Baby Ponies. Pound Cake is unusually strong, able to break out of a turned over play pen. This could also explain why he can already fly, despite older foals not being able to.

His bad habit is that he likes to hit and pound on things. Princess Tiffany is the leader of the Princess Ponies. They use their wands to maintain the balance of Ponyland's magic, until it was stolen by Lavan, the Lava Demon, forcing her to get Megan in Dream Valley to stand up against him. She usually has feuds with the other Princess Ponies on who should be queen, until they settled their differences and work together. Princess Tiffany's wand allows her to drive away the clouds.

Rainbow Dash is a pegasus pony with a sky blue body, deep pink eyes and a rainbow-striped mane and tail, who debuted in , as an Earth pony. In Generation 3, she was described as a stylish pony who likes rainbows and speaks with British accent. She always adds the word "darling" into her speech.

She has been rereleased many times in the new uniform pose as part of the Core 7. In the Core 7 series, she has curly hair, and her mane was bound in a ponytail. She is again described as a fashionable pony who always dresses in style. Sometimes a shopaholic, she always adds the word "Dashing" into her speeches, and her British accent was dropped. In the new and current series, her voice sounds a little more tomboyish and her rainbow symbol in the same series changes shape from an arc to a lightning bolt shooting out of a cloud with another subtracted.

She is very brave and bold, [1] but also mischievous and proud, as well as sometimes being insensitive. She has great speed and works with the other Pegasus Ponies to move clouds around the sky and adjust the weather.

Her lifelong dream is to join the Wonderbolts, Equestria's aerobatic flight team. Rainbow Dash's signature move is the Sonic Rainboom, in which she flies fast enough to break the sound barrier, creating a sonic boom and a rainbow -hued shock wave at the same time.

It is revealed that when she did this move for the first time, she earned her cutie mark and set in motion a chain of events that allowed the other five main characters to earn theirs as well.

Rainbow Dash's elemental spirit is Loyalty. Light sapphire blue and light phthalo blue Celestia's Deep blue and very deep blue Luna's Turquoise others. Blue Celestia's and single addition Yellow Luna's Red single addition purple another single addition.

Celestia's Pegasus guards first appeared in the first episode, as a pair of the more commonly seen white-coat Pegasus guards chauffeur Twilight Sparkle and Spike from Canterlot to Ponyville in a flying chariot.

Their following appearance is in the second episode, when the Mayor commands them to stop Nightmare Moon, she strikes them with lightning bolts to swat them away. The guards later draw the royal chariot into town at the end of the episode.

They briefly appear in Swarm of the Century, driving Celestia's flying chariot, and in Sonic Rainboom, accompanying Celestia in her spectator box at Cloudsdale's stadium. They make their only speaking appearance in A Bird in the Hoof, where they guard the Princess and search for her pet bird, Philomeena.

Two guards stand on duty at the entrance to Sugarcube Corner where Celestia is staying. They are pestered by Rainbow Dash who tries to elicit a response from them, but they remain stoic and silent. Soon afterwards, they hinder Fluttershy's entrance until Twilight confirms she's allowed inside.

Later, a guard notifies Celestia that the mayor seeks an audience with her. Even later, two guards are sent to inform Twilight that the Princess' bird is missing, and they continue looking for the bird throughout the episode. The episode ends with the bird tickling the guards and making them laugh at Rainbow Dash's request. Snowflakes began to dance down from the clouds as the ponds iced over. Honeysuckle watched from above as children donned their mittens and scarves, ready to build snowmen and slide down snow-covered hills.

She only has one appearance in the UK comic. Green and pink lily plant and one lily on her forehead Toy version Red Lilies Animation. According to her US Backcard story, The baby ponies were anxiously awaiting Lily's visit to the Lullabye Nursery and today was the day.

Lily brought lots of presents, played games and sang songs with the baby ponies. At bedtime, Lily told them how Flutter Ponies spread good luck by flapping their magical wings. Then she gave each one a goodnight kiss and flew off into the sky. High above the clouds, Lily watched over her little friends, filling their heads with sweet dreams.

She was already planning her next visit that was sure to be full of happy surprises. There are FiM ponies with the name of Lily but have yet to have official differences to tell them apart. In this second toy line, Morning Glory is the imaginative one. She thinks up special ways to brighten the day, like picking bouquets of flowers and wrapping them in magical rainbows.

She again got released in the third toy line as one of the Cutie Cascade Ponies. She appears in two comics. Peach Blossom is smart and logical Flutter Pony who is very proper and intelligent. She speaks in a way incomprehensible to most of the others. She uses her small size to her advantage, at one point acting as a spy. Peach Blossom gains an immense vocabulary in The Return of Tambelon. She again got released in the third incarnation as a crystal design pony. Rosedust first appeared in during the fourth year of the first toyline.

Rosedust is the Queen and leader of the Flutter Ponies, who always speaks with an odd British accent. She usually wears a dark pink feather on her head. She was in charge of protecting the Sunstone, a giant magical jewel that allows Flutter Valley to flourish. According to Backstroke's Backcard story, Splasher was playing with her turtle float on the shore when she heard splashing coming from the cove by the rocks.

Quietly, she hid behind a rock to watch. Another baby sea pony was in the shallow water, bobbing its fins and flippers up and down. She was so graceful, gliding about in the water, just like they learned in swimming class. The baby sea pony looked up in response to Splasher's voice.

The two baby sea ponies swam and played together until it was time to go home. From then on, Backstroke the baby sea pony, was known as the best swimmer in the sea and taught all the other sea ponies how to do the backstroke. She is seen playing with Baby Moondancer. Beachcomber is a playful baby seapony who appeared in the original series.

She only has a brief appearance in some episodes without any speaking roles. Beachcomber is then re-released in the third incarnation toyline, this time as an Earth Pony. She likes to spend the time in the beach and hopes on finding a buried treasure. Ocean Flow is the mother of Silverstream and Terramar. She is first visited by pony princess Twilight Sparkle who brings the Cutie Mark Crusaders to Seaquestria in the deep. Princess Skystar lives in the castle of Seaquestria.

This seapony is the queen of Seaquestria. Ripple is a playful baby seapony who appeared in the original series. She's the fastest swimmer of all the baby Seaponies. Sand Dollar is among one of the Seaponies that appears in Escape from Catrina.

Rescue from Midnight Castle. Sealight is a playful Seapony, who alongside the other seaponies, saved Megan and Applejack from drowning. They gave Megan a shell that allow them to summon the Seaponies. Sea Mist is among one of the Seaponies that appears in Escape from Catrina. Sea Shimmer is a playful baby seapony who appeared in the original series.

Sea Shimmer is an expert water hockey player and loves to play with her friends. Seawinkle is a playful Seapony, who alongside the other seaponies, saved Megan and Applejack from drowning. Seawinkle also has a yellow hairbow on her head. Silverstream is one of Equestria's hybrids. She loves playing with friends of different creature species.

Surf Rider is a playful baby seapony who appeared in the original series. Surf Rider's song can invoke sleep to anyone who hears her song.

Sun Shower is a playful baby seapony who appeared in the original series. Sun Shower cares about her appearance highly and is very vain sometimes. Water Lily is a playful baby seapony who appeared in the original series. Water Lily has the best voice of all the baby Seaponies. Wavedancer is a playful Seapony, who alongside the other seaponies, saved Megan and Applejack from drowning.

Whitecap is among one of the Seaponies that appears in Escape from Catrina. Breezette is one of the Breezies who come to Equestria. She is the only one to wear a mushroom cap on her head. Seabreeze is the leader of a small group of Breezies who stay in Ponyville. He is able to speak both Breezy and communicate with the ponies.

He speaks with a Norwegian accent. Tiddly Wink is usually supportive towards the ponies and the other Breezies. Usually, she and her friends agree with each other to lead the way. Tra La La is usually supportive towards the ponies and the other Breezies. Twirly is one of the Breezies who come to Equestria. Zipzee is usually supportive towards the ponies and the other Breezies.

Zipzee also has Allergic rhinitis ; she usually sneezes a lot when she is near flowers, despite being born in Breezy Blossom. The librarian of the Crystal Empire. Initially as seen, she wears glasses , but as she turns jolly, she puts on her crystal hat adorned with gems on it. One of the citizens of the Crystal Empire. She first made her debut in season 3 and she appears again in seasons 4 and 5. One of the athlete Crystal Ponies. The Crystal Empire Just for Sidekicks. Fleur-de-lis some shots , a palm tree on an island one shot.

One of the cleaning Crystal Ponies. She shares her design with Amberlocks, Amber Waves,. A messenger Crystal Pony. She has a brief speaking role. A food stand Crystal Pony. One of the dragons featured in Dragon Quest. Garble is a red, winged male dragon and is the apparent leader of the gang that Spike encounters.

He only appeared in the episode, Dragon Quest. Princess Ember is the daughter of Torch the Dragon Lord. Smolder is one of the members of the Young 6. She's also one of the students in Equestria's School of Friendship. Spike is a male baby dragon with a light purple body, green eyes and a green spikes; who is adopted by Megan and the ponies after they defeated Tirek. He's the only character to appear throughout the original TV Series, from the original pilot episode to The Prince and the Ponies.

In the UK comic book series, he has 2 teeth and is the pet dragon of Majesty. In the Animated Specials, he is shown to be knowledgeable on things and gives the ponies some advice. In Friendship is Magic, he's been redesigned again, now closely resembling his original counterpart except in this version, he has purple skin and lime green scales.

Spike also handles communications between Twilight and Princess Celestia, burning Twilight's written messages with his fire breath to send them and then burping up the scrolls Celestia sends back. He frequently displays a sarcastic streak and laughs at others' misfortune, but can be counted on to help Twilight and her friends when they need him.

He also eats gemstones and it is shown that he has a crush on Rarity. In the season 2 episode "Secret of my Excess" he admits his crush to her which she accepts. Always helpful, he's genuinely concerned about his friends' well-being.

He is regarded as a national hero for saving the Crystal Empire. He was initially wingless until the season 8 episode "Molt Down" when he gets a sudden development of molting resulting him to get wings like all the dragons in Equestria.

Whimsey Weatherbe is a female winged dragon, described to live in Willy Nilly Mountain at the outskirts of Ponyville. She speaks with a New Jersey accent and likes to have friends. Whimsey's abilities are shown to manipulate the weather using her dragon breath, which explains the changing weather on the mountain. She "kidnaps" Twinkle Wish, the wishing star in Ponyville after Scootaloo accidentally opens its box, leading to the ponies going to the mountain to retrieve it from her.

After the ponies failed to convince her, she decides to give it back with a changed heart at the night of the Winter Wishes Festival. She is one of the Animated Specials characters without a toy appearance alongside Storybelle. Danny Williams is Megan and Molly's brother and a rambunctious redhead.

He is sometimes found leading the charge when a situation calls for reckless action. Rescue From Midnight Castle. Megan Williams is an adolescent American girl, and the eldest of three children. She is Danny and Molly's older sister.

She became the main character of the first My Little Pony series. She and her siblings live on a ranch where she keeps a horse, TJ, and a bull , Tauro. Gentle and motherly, but also mature and resourceful, she acts as the Little Ponies' leader, and in times of crisis the ponies often fly across the rainbow to find her.

She keeps the Rainbow of Light, a special locket which contains a powerful rainbow to defeat anything that is evil threatening the ponies. Molly Williams is Megan and Danny's youngest sister. She's often scared around monsters, but never too scared to fight with Danny. Her hair is in pigtails. Adagio Dazzle is the main antagonist of Rainbow Rocks. She is the lead singer of "The Dazzlings" and her hair is all curly, tied in a big ponytail decorated with spikes.

Purple 5-point star with black curve. Diana Kaarina speaking Shylo Sharity singing. Aria Blaze is an antagonist of Rainbow Rocks. Her hair is tied in a twintail hairstyle decorated with stars and she is one of the two backup singers of "The Dazzlings". Fuchsia heart with cyan jagged 8th note in front. Maryke Hendrikse speaking Madeline Merlo singing.

Sonata Dusk is an antagonist of Rainbow Rocks. Her hair is tied in a ponytail and she is one of the two backup singers of "The Dazzlings". Angel is Fluttershy's pet white rabbit. Angel can be seen as a cunning and mischievous bunny despite his cute and seemingly innocent name. He has a strong influence over Fluttershy's decisions in the series, as he is far more assertive than the timid pegasus.

However, he does seem to genuinely care for Fluttershy, as several of his actions toward her are usually just a little push to get her to do something he knows she wants. Gummy is Pinkie Pie's pet alligator. Gummy appears to be usually calm, showing little interest to whatever happens around him. However, he also has a tendency to try biting various things and to hide in the water.

When he's first introduced in Feeling Pinkie Keen, he shows rather aggressive behavior for a pet, because after Pinkie sets him on the floor, he proceeds to try to bite the pink Earth Pony repeatedly; as he has no teeth, this does no damage and Pinkie doesn't even seem to notice.

The episode Party of One shows that his behavior is usually more peaceful, although he still tends to bite whatever happens to be near him. Most of the time, Gummy is docile to the point of absurdity, and in direct contrast with Pinkie Pie's crazed antics; he shows little to no awareness of his surroundings, often just sitting and staring into space with the same unchanging expression on his face at all times.

No matter what is happening, Gummy usually just sits in place and stares at nothing, although he will occasionally attempt to bite nearby objects or even ponies.

He's also able to "dance" to the music with his tail to be the only part of his body actually moving. He also seems to favor a ball of wool as his favorite toy, happily pushing it along with his nose or riding it as it rolls along. Pinkie seems convinced that Gummy is much more complex and lively than he appears to be. At the end of Party of One, for example, she said that Gummy was "pretty upset" about his party being unattended, despite the fact that Gummy had shown no change in his behavior or mood whatsoever.

Opalescence is Rarity's pet Persian cat. Opalescence is a white cat with a purple bow on top of her head. She wears a purple collar studded with opals.

Opal also seems to have a sarcastic sense of humor, chopping off some of Sweetie Belle's hair and offering a smug look afterwards when Sweetie Belle suggested she might be good with animals.

She shares her owner's tastes in fashion and begrudgingly assists her with her work. Most of the time, however, she prefers to sleep on the various fabrics about the studio.

Owlowiscious is Twilight Sparkle's pet horned owl. Although incapable of speech, Owlowiscious is highly intelligent. Also shows to be brave and willing to help the others. Not much is known of his personality at the time, as he seems to be collected and inexpressive. Peewee is a baby Phoenix Spike takes in at the end of Dragon Quest after he hatches.

Philomena is Princess Celestia's pet phoenix. Fluttershy takes from Princess Celestia without permission to heal the bird when the pegasus believed that she was sick. Later on in the episode Philomena is seen messing around with Fluttershy by refusing the medicine she gives to her just for the fun of it. According to Princess Celestia, Philomena, like all phoenixes, molts all her feathers and burns into ashes at the end of her life cycle, only to rise from the ashes and renew herself as good as new.

Philomena means "Strong Friend" in Greek. Tank is Rainbow Dash's pet tortoise, first seen persistently wanting Rainbow Dash to choose him as her new pet, but Rainbow Dash refuses, seeing him as a useless, slow pet that will keep her grounded.

When Rainbow Dash's wing is caught under a rock, Tank comes to her rescue and shows loyalty by lifting the rock and rescuing her in the process. She chooses him as her new pet when the other animals leave her behind, caught up in the frenzy of winning the race. Afterward, he is given a magic propeller that enables him to fly.

Winona is Applejack's pet Border Collie. She is first seen in "Applebuck Season" with Applejack, where they round up a stampeding herd of cattle and later does the same with a large number of baby rabbits.

She is very affectionate and Applejack is shown rubbing her stomach. Captain Crabnasty is a male Crabnasty, giant crabs with powerful pincers. Despite his appearance, he is a creature with a sense of justice and is very friendly with the ponies. He alomgside with his two subordinates were finding some escape criminals known as "the Flores", even if they tear down the trees in Dream Valley. However, due to the Flores's lies, Megan and ponies defeated them and shuts the Crabnasties in a stone prison away from Paradise Estates.

After they realized that the Crabnasties were telling the truth, they then helped them capture the Flores. Posey apologies for their wrongful arrest and the Crabnasties respond by plowing her garden, making it ready for replanting.

Chief Thunderhooves is the leader of the buffalo herd. Chief Thunderhooves seems to be rather long-winded, judging by how many fathers he listed, and is very traditional. He is also very determined and strong, with a fierce sense of honor. He has a powerful temper and is seen losing control of himself several times. Still he warned the Appleloosans of his intentions before leading his tribe to fight them and was at least willing to negotiate.

He only appeared in Over a Barrel. Cranky is initially easily angered and upset, and maintains this frown even after Pinkie Pie tries to cheer him up, and tries to become his friend, through various methods such as a party cart and greeting song, and obtaining a new wig for him. It is revealed, in the time that Pinkie Pie spends trying to cheer him up, that he has arrived in Ponyville to settle down and live in.

Once he and Pinkie Pie arrive at his new, secluded residence, he reveals that he has travelled far and wide across Equestria, to places such as Fillydelphia and Manehattan, to search for a special friend of his. Cranky shows his anger when he becomes very mad at Pinkie Pie once she accidentally destroys a photo album endeared to him, containing the only memories of his special friend.

He does his best to keep Pinkie Pie at bay, going as far as to chain and board up his door. Once Pinkie Pie shows up at his door with Cranky's special friend, who turns out to be Matilda from earlier on in the episode, whom Cranky immediately notices the voice of, he becomes extremely joyful and shows genuine thanks to Pinkie Pie and offers her his friendship. Once he gets a kiss from Matilda, he finally feels it in him to smile, revealing his friendly inside character.

He made a cameo in Dragon Quest. Drog is a male Troggle and a servant of Grogar, the ruler of the fabled city of Tambelon. He is usually loyal to him and ordered his people to capture everyone in Ponyland after the Unicorns vanished. However, he and his people were forced to obey his orders as Drog himself wanted freedom and so does his people.

After the destruction of Tambelon due to Megan and the Ponies's help, he and his people decide to live a new life in Ponyland. Drudge is the slave of the Gizmonks. They send her to Dream Valley with a message concerning Danny and Surprise.

Drudge tells Megan that the Gizmonks will hold them as prisoners until she turns over the Rainbow of Light to them. But Megan doesn't give in and sends he back, with Wind Whistler following. But Danny and Surprise are already planning their escape. They begin complimenting the Gizmonks on their great inventions, and when Glouda tells Drudge to let them out to look around, Danny and Surprise touch everything.

As the place starts to self-destruct, Drudge decides to escape with them. Drudge thanks Danny and Surprise and says she will call them if the Gizmonks come back. Light grayish feathery aquamarine arrow-shape-spotted ponytail. Gabby is a griffon who has a short low ponytail. She first appears on top of the treehouse as an inhabitant of Griffonstone and she is fascinated by the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

The Grundles are a small race of troll like creatures. They used to live in Grundleland before Hydia smoozed it and now reside in the remains of Dream Castle.

They may look like monsters, but they are the friendly type. G'nash is an Ice Orc who along with Lava Demons, had a feud against their kind.

G'nash first met Spike and the Bushwoolies after they escaped Lavan, though seeing him as a dragon, they believed that he's a Lava Demon until he found out he's isn't. He is very supportive to Spike, and knows a lot of secret tunnels inside Lavan's cave. After Lavan has been destroyed, he and the Lava Demons settled a truce with their kinds.

He is shown to wear a toque on his head and a red bandana around his neck. He also has a French accent. Habbit is the bunny friend of The Moochick. He appears again reminding the Moochick to tell them to seek out the Flutter Ponies, the only ones who can stop the Smooze.

He seems to be rather ugly but sweet, sometimes speaks in rhymes, and is not very smart, but has a kind heart. He and the rest of the grundles used to live in Grundleland before Hydia smoozed it and now reside in the remains of Dream Castle. Unlike most Grundles, he goes barefoot. Kyrie is a female songbird, who's held captive by the Evil Witch Somnambula. Kyrie's sweet song has a powerful magical property, that can lure anyone hearing it into an endless illusion while Somnambula drains away their youth.

She usually doesn't want to sing for Somnambula's evil plans, but she is sometimes forced into it. Little Strongheart is Chief Thunderhoove's right hand.

She has a brash personality and is shown to have a good athletic ability, even dodging Rainbow Dash during the train heist. Princess Taffeta Princess Ponies Year 6. Quarterback Big Brother Ponies Year 5. Ribbon So Soft Ponies Year 4. Ringlets Brush 'n Grow Ponies Year 6. Seaflower Sunshine Ponies Year 7. Seawinkle Sea Ponies Year 2 pink shell. Shaggy Newborn Ponies Year 7. Sky Rocket Sparkle Ponies Year 7.

Skylark Princess Brush 'n Grow Year 7. Smokey Princess Sapphire UK. Sportstime Schootime Ponies UK. Spunky Pony Friends Year 5. Squeezer Happy Tails Ponies Year 6. Star Glow Year 9. Tropical Breeze Flutter Ponies Year 5. Tuneful Rockin' Beat Ponies Year 9. Wave Jumper Sea Ponies Year 3 chartreuse shell. Whirly Windy Wing Ponies Year 7. Wiggles Newborn Ponies Year 7. Windsweeper Rainbow Beauty Year 8. Windwalker High Flying Beauty Year 8.

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